Posted by: orcaweb | September 16, 2012

Return to Land

Hello again everyone,

Well, this was the last fortnight I was on King Seaways. For the first week the weather and waves limited sightings to a few birds as the seas calmed in September there were plenty of sightings including harbour porpoises.
During the first week gannets and gulls were common company as well as the guillemots with their striking winter feathers. Unfortunately the whales and dolphins were not so friendly despite reports of humpback and even a blue whale in the area.

After two rocky nights the skies cleared and the seas calmed to welcome September. On Sunday the waters were very smooth, ideal conditions! Harbour porpoises could be spotted all over the North Sea with their black silhouettes and small splashes clearly visible. Near the former whaling port of Whitby scores of porpoises could be seen bobbing in the distance. Nearer Scarborough the odd porpoise appeared closer to the ship clearly displaying their triangular dorsal fins.

The following day with left IJmuiden with an intense sun in the ship’s passed. The seas were calmer than before suggesting that it would be another good day for sightings and sure enough it was. Two harbour porpoises appeared in front of the setting sun creating a beautiful shadow of their outlines.

It’s been a great few months with sightings of harbour porpoises, minke whales and white-beaked dolphins off the English and Dutch coats. Thanks to all the staff at DFDS Seaways and ORCA for a fantastic summer onboard King Seaways. And, with that I leave you in the capable hands of Nathan to take you to the end of the season.

ORCA Wildlife Officer
DFDS Seaways King Seaways
8th September 2012


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