Posted by: orcaweb | April 24, 2018

Beautiful calm seas make for great spotting conditions!

Hello everyone!

We had the most amazing weather for my first week on board the KING Seaways. The sea was calm, the sun was out and the mist kept its distance i.e. brilliant spotting conditions.

Beautiful calm seas dominated the week

I had many passengers keeping me company during deck watches as well as in the wildlife centre, keeping a lookout for anything that might pop up. They were rewarded with sightings of seals and harbour porpoises especially coming into and leaving the River Tyne, approaching Newcastle. A crew member even reported 50-100 dolphins as we were passing the break water!

The enthusiastic Beers family. Mom Morag braced the cold for both the evening and morning watch to appreciate the amazing conditions.

The birds did not let us forget about them. In the calm, still evenings we could hear the terns call, sometimes even before we saw them. We were also lucky to see an impressive diving display of a gannet, announcing that there were fish to be had. The guillemots and razorbills were many of the passengers’ favourites as they bobbed on the water only to dive as the ship came closer.

We even spotted one of our sister ships, the Primula Seaways of DFDS as it ferried cargo on the North Sea.

The DFDS Primula Seaways

The Primula is known as a Ro-Ro ship as it is designed to carry wheeled cargo, such as cars and trucks that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels or using a platform vehicle. Ro-Ro is an acronym of roll-on/roll-off which is different from the Lo-lo ship (lift-on/lift-off) that uses a crane to load cargo on and off the ship.

Here’s holding thumbs for another week of calm seas and great sightings. Come back in a week when I will update you on our sightings of the North Sea.


Ingrid – North Sea Wildlife Officer


ORCA Wildlife Officer, North Sea


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