Posted by: orcaweb | July 5, 2016

All the marine life in the North Sea continues to shock DFDS passengers

Hello everyone,

This is actually my final blog with ORCA. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on board DFDS King Seaways, inspiring the younger generation to look out for whales and dolphins in the North Sea, as well as make changes to their daily lives to help save our marine environment.

This week ORCA were joined by Belsay First School from Morpeth, a lovely group of 13 students who have been involved with the Your Seas project here in the North East since 2014 and recently completed a shore watch at Souter lighthouse also. The students were keen to get out on deck, and loved looking through the waves for porpoises – however the sea state was simply too high to spot anything other than diving gannets!

Belsay school trip .JPG

rach and belsayOut on deck with Belsay First School, putting all the practice into action!

belsay girlsThe Belsay girls, looking out for whales and dolphins – despite a high sea state

At the weekend, the third North Sea wildlife officer for 2016 season joined ORCA. William Matthews is with ORCA during the busiest cetacean period so best get spotting!


Deck watch looking out with passengers


Passengers participating in ORCA lectures as they depart North Shields

Bill Drinkald attended all 4 deck watches that passengers can get involved with during a mini crossing and out on deck on Sunday morning we saw some splashes on the horizon, which could of been potentially white beaked dolphins.

We have have many passengers in the centre, listening to our recent sightings information and finding out more about how to get involved with the charity ORCA.

Here we have Emmeline, looking at the minke whale that was spotted just off Flamborough head.


Emmeline is a keen swimmer and is going on holiday to Denmark.  She was fascinated to learn that a dolphin’s blow hole is actually an aquatic nose! Hope you and your family are enjoying yourselves 🙂

Jessie and Rowan.

Jessie and Rowan saving the animals from a lobster pot in the ORCA Wildlife Centre on deck 9.

My final mini cruise on board King Seaways brought about Harbour Porpoises! 13 of them in fact, and puffins also!

IMG_9844 (3)

A puffin pair

IMG_8678 (2)

The most common cetacean in the North Sea and UK waters, the Harbour Porpoise. There are an estimated 335,000 in the North Sea and unfortunately over 3000 die each year as a result of by catch and entanglement.


Unfortunate sighting of a abandoned fridge. This is recorded as marine litter, and was spotted as we approached North Shields on Sunday 3rd July 😦

From the opening of the new Wildlife Centre in 2015 to seeing many wonderful minke whale sightings, dolphins and porpoises to the 2016 marine litter porpoise – I have truly had a whale of a time.

final pic

Best wishes to all ORCA wildlife officers and staff. Happy spotting!

thanks bridge

Many thanks to DFDS and all crew on board and in the office

Rachael 🙂

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