Posted by: orcaweb | June 2, 2016

Breaching white-beaked & plenty of puffins

Ellie here, completing my last week of my Marine Wildlife Guide Experience aboard the DFDS King Seaways.

We had a relatively quiet start to the week, in terms of animals, but lots of people have visited the DFDS King Seaways’ wildlife centre. A couple of groups joined us; Św Barbary School, Choszieź, a Polish school who joined us in the ORCA centre and on deck learning about the wildlife that can be seen in the North Sea.


Also Delta Safari (a Dutch wildlife watching company who join us every year), who joined us for deck watch on Friday and Saturday with a visit to the Farne Islands in the middle. I think Delta Safari may have been our lucky charm, as usual!



Up to Saturday we’d had lots of gannets, gulls, guillemots, fulmars and even a couple of puffins flying around but few cetaceans!

IMG_9844 (3)

We’d seen a couple of harbour porpoises but little else. But Saturday night we had some lovely sightings: 9 white-beaked dolphins, 3 harbour porpoise and 1 small cetacean. One of the white-beak dolphins put on a show for us, breaching a little far away, but with a big enough splash to be noticeable. Looking at the photos later on, I noticed a second one out of the water that I hadn’t seen while staring at the splash. Always a great surprise to see an extra, unexpected animal.



I’ve had a great time on-board with ORCA and I’m sad to go. I wish the next placements and all who sail with DFDS exciting sightings and pleasant sailings.


Thank you Ellie! We wish you all the luck for the future! The last couple of days however have been plagued with dense fog and rough seas meaning that standing out on deck, unfortunately, was pointless as we had a view of less than 50m of visibility!

Today we welcome Rebecca McPhee onboard for her month placement, we hope you enjoy it!


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