Posted by: orcaweb | April 26, 2016

Wondering where all the dolphins are…

After such a wonderful start to the season at the end of March both with the installation of the Marine Litter Porpoise and good numbers of porpoises and dolphins, both Rachael and I were hoping for the sightings to continue! It seems though that we are going through a spell of not seeing anything. In the past week the only thing I have seen Marine Mammal wise is a lone grey seal! I have been starting to think that maybe I just wasn’t as good as I used to be at spotting cetaceans! I was doubting myself!

IMG_8583 (2)

That was until Friday when I was joined by an ORCA Marine Mammal Surveyor team on board the King Seaways. I was joined by Emma, Beth, Nicky & Alan who spent their time surveying from the bridge for all of our daylight hours. Unfortunately they did not spot a single cetacean either. This made me feel a little better about myself in that maybe I am still capable of spotting cetaceans, they just haven’t been around this week! What is even more strange about this is that we are still seeing birds feeding and fishing boats fishing as we are sailing, so we know that the food is there, but for some reason there are no cetaceans to be seen. Hmmmmm…… Maybe we will suddenly get an influx of sightings as we move in to May!

IMG_9202 (2)IMG_9133

We did have plenty of fun in the ORCA centre, in particular, with the Turksma family who dressed up as our mascot Orkie the ORCA and decided to eat our dolphins!


As I mentioned at the end of last week our first mini-cruise on-board the DFDS Princess Seaways was last week and I promised a little bit of information on our very first sailing. Here is an excerpt from Amy and Eva’s (the Wildlife Officers on the DFDS Princess Seaways) blog.

“We were joined by a throng of passengers all eager to spot some wildlife, and it wasn’t long before some dolphins made an appearance. Three pods of dolphins were sighted during the evening, along with countless northern gannets and guillemots. One passenger even managed to glimpse a seal not far from the UK coast, a sighting that slipped past both of us! We weren’t able to identify the dolphin species as each sighting was fleeting, but it was still extremely exciting to see fins in the North Sea.”

Header image

I am hoping Rachael, getting on board today, has much better luck this week.

If you fancy becoming a Marine Mammal Surveyor with ORCA, click this link to find out more, and you can join us for surveys in the North Sea and on our many other survey routes around the UK.



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