Posted by: orcaweb | April 20, 2016

No way to compete with dolphins!

It was lovely to be back on-board this week, it was even lovelier to start the week off with not just one white-beaked dolphin but 4 in 2 pairs! This (unfortunately for me) was just 10 minutes before I was due to head back in to start some games and activities with some of the children on-board. So, the next morning speaking to passengers who had been eating in the restaurant on deck 8 I was informed that just before the sun set that there were 10-15 dolphins all swimming alongside the ship. As the on-board troubadour said…… “I wondered what was going on when everyone got up and went to look out of the windows…I was never going to manage to compete with dolphins!”

IMG_8487IMG_8991 (2)

I was really hopeful after this great start to the week that it would continue for the rest of the week, and to start with this seemed to be happening, our next arrival into Ijmuiden myself and passengers out on deck were very happy to see firstly a dolphin, not quite clearly enough to get a definite ID, but it was definitely a lovely start to our bleary morning eyes. This was followed very soon after by the 2 individuals and a pair of harbour porpoises bobbing alongside the ship.

Unfortunately this was the end of cetacean sightings for this week, however we have still had plenty of the regulars to see, from fulmars and gannets to a wide variety of feeding gulls. Two days in a row I spent minutes watching feeding gulls of a variety of species, unfortunately no cetaceans came up from the water to feed with the gulls.



The rest of the week was very quiet for all animals. Though great fun was had in the centre from myself and a lovely 80 year old Dutch lady playing snakes and ladders (I lost), to some wonderful creations of humpback whales out of paper plates. One of my favourite posters this week is the one below telling us all how we can help save our sea life!  Maybe this will help to inspire others to help protect our wonderful marine world.

Finally, to end this week, a pot of gold in the middle of the North Sea!


Today we have our first mini-cruise sailing on-board the DFDS Princess Seaways, so hopefully (after talking to the Wildlife Officers on-board) in next week’s blog I will be able to tell you all about how it went!



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