Posted by: orcaweb | April 13, 2016

Arts and Crafts inside and Puffins and Porpoises out on Deck

It has been a busy and creative week on board DFDS King Seaways. With a lot of families travelling back home following the end of the Easter holidays.

Sightings have been relatively sparse but there have been a few regulars spotted…

Seal 2 30.08

Grey seals commonly seen during deck watch



Gannets are Britain’s largest seabird and one of our most beautiful.

IMG_5404 (5)

Harbour porpoise close up

IMG_5100 (2)

Puffins..did you know puffins mate for life!

Due to the sea state  it has been difficult for passengers to see the dolphins and porpoises during some sailings…but we have been creative in the ORCA centre instead! It has been a week of extremes with some extremely calm it is all about learning what’s out there and keeping our fingers crossed for whales and dolphins!

4 girls

Holly, Lucy, Rosie, myself and Rose. These intelligent young ladies were returning from a family skiing trip. I was very happy to see them again and spend the evening with them playing and painting..a lot of fun!

aaron and david

David and Aaron, local lads who LOVED the ORCA centre and learnt all about the harbour porpoise


 Martha, who learnt all about marine litter and made a wonderful poster with her favourite cetacean..the pygmy sperm whale


Matthew and his wonderful dolphin poster. Matthew’s Mum and Dad loved seeing him learn and play in the centre during their mini cruise. Lovely to meet you 🙂

There are one month placement opportunities for individuals to join the ORCA North Sea Wildlife Officers on board King Seaways if you are interested 

If you would like to make a donation to help fund the fantastic work that ORCA do, or to become a member and train to become a Marine Mammal Surveyor to help us to collect our vital scientific data, then please visit our website for more information!

I will be back on board in a few weeks; until then I will be speaking with students at Newcastle University, Clover Hill Primary and Northumberland Church of England Academy in the North East, delivering the Your Seas education programme , informing people what can be seen in the North Sea.

Also there is a special ORCA sailing happening on board Princess Seaways on the Newcastle – Amsterdam route on Tuesday 19th evening sail from Newcastle until Thursday 21st AM with Wildlife Officers Eva and Amy in the Kids club.

I am handing over to Kerry now for a fortnight and look forward to being back on board with all the crew again on the 26th.




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