Posted by: orcaweb | July 31, 2015

North Sea white beaked dolphins jumping for joy, as summer holidays start

White beaked dolphins did not disappoint for the start of the summer holidays,This fantastic photo was taken by one of the lucky passengers who managed to  breaching as we departed from North ShieldsIMGP7287



We have welcomed on board Sasha to the DFDS King Seaways for her one month placement, she has just graduated and will be starting her masters in marine biology at Newcastle University in September!

Sasha our new Student Intern

ORCA Wildlife Officers were involved in the Sunderland international airshow, weekend of 25th, 26th July. Here Sasha and I are out on deck with some passengers, informing them about all the sightings we have had throughout the summer.
photo 2

photo 3

Ruth and Beckie were interviewed by several journalists on the Sunderland coastline during the promoting ORCA Your Seas in the North Sea and the sightings we have logged this 4

photo 5

Chatting with some budding marine biologists throughout the day onboard the airshow day sailphoto

Sasha has adapted well to life on board and despite her first week being rather high on sea states, she has spotted White beaked dolphins.

Sun sets on Jacobs placement 'I have had a fantastic time, it has gone too quickly!'

The activity in the ORCA centre on board has certainly increased over the last month, as all the schools have broken up. Here are some photos from our painting competition one evening, which was a great success. IMG_7001



Maddison with her wonderful dolphin plate design, lovely sunset!


Lita with her sunshine dolphin plate


Mila and Nova with their wonderful dolphin plate designs


Whilst on a deck watch it is always a possibility to see gannets feeding on sholes of fish. Here they are torpedoing into the North Sea


I had the great news last night that Sasha had spotted her first minke whale. Hope you have a great time on board with Ruth 🙂

IMG_1731 (4)

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