Posted by: orcaweb | May 26, 2015

A wonderful day following DFDSs 20th Anniversary sailing! Minke whale, bottlenose dolphins and porpoises!

I have been onboard DFDS King Seaways for a week now and got right back into the swing of things. There have been a great number of passengers of all nationalities coming to the evening presentations and lots of great sightings on the Newcastle side. Following Ruth’s sightings of the bottlenose dolphin pod that are known by various wildlife groups to be around the Northumberland coast, I was thrilled to see them on Sunday 24th.

Bottlenose dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins

Sunday was a particularly different day, as between the North Shields – Ijmuiden route, we brought on board 400 passengers for a mini day sail up to Blythe to celebrate 20 years of the route! I was joined by the Rickleton Family who joined in with the ORCA activities and got out on deck to look for whales and dolphins.Meeting a wildlife officer on board DFDS Seaways

Check out Samantha’s web blog for her family’s experience onboard

Searching for dolphins in the North Sea aboard DFDS Seaways

Jack was very excited when I told him that there had previously been a humpback whale whilst sighted from the DFDS King in 2013!

Searching for dolphins in the North Sea aboard DFDS SeawaysSearching for dolphins in the North Sea aboard DFDS Seaways

Wildlife centre DFDS King Seaways

The snakes and ladders game taught the family a lot about the smaller dolphin that not many people know about!

Wildlife centre DFDS King Seaways

The King returned back into the Port of Tyne to pick up our passengers heading to Amsterdam.  As we left many passengers saw the bottlenose dolphin at the bow of the ship.

The same evening porpoises were spotted moving away from the ship. The surveyors saw these again and again whilst on effort surveying from the bridge


The most exciting sighting of the evening was at 21:50 on the starboard side of the ship, lots of Gannets were torpedoing into the water, and behind them a minke whale surfaced!


This morning from the bridge some surveyors said they may of seen Atlantic white -sided dolphin which is a possibility. Fingers crossed it’s still around for deck watch this evening. I even got to press the foghorn as we left port last time! Really enjoying life onboard

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  1. It was lovely to meet you – we had a fantastic time on board learning about the whales, dolphins and seabirds that can be found in the North Sea. Thanks for letting us borrow the ships binoculars!

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