Posted by: orcaweb | May 8, 2015

High sea states, harbour porpoises and hundreds of gannets!

Hello everyone I’ve just arrived back onto dry land in style, captain Lars Skjold-Hansen orders this morning were that I join some of the officers in their life boat training drill, which was really fun!

photo 1 (9)photo 2 (7)

The sightings the past few days have been few and far between, due to the high sea states in the North Sea. I have now handed over to Ruth for the fortnight and if this mornings sea state 3 continues, hopefully she will have more luck with dolphin and whale sightings.



The common Harbour porpoise has popped up on occasions and I have had some luck with the Gannets feeding near the ship too.

The sea state is measured between 0 (a mirror flat North sea, idyllic for spotting cetaceans) up to a 12. ORCA surveyors go  off effort around a sea state 6 and this photo is around a sea state 8 as we were leaving Ijmuiden.


Over the last fortnight I have had some fantastic passengers on board who have visited me in the ORCA Centre,IMG_3034IMG_3082

On 27th April it was Kings day in Ijmuiden  and I was lucky enough to spend the afternoon with the best dressed passenger on board, 5 year old Elina proudly standing with her porpoise puppet and dolphin mask!

photo 2

I have spotted more arctic puffins and hundred of gannets, but it was unfortunate that when I was joined over the bank holiday weekend by ORCA surveyors on the bridge, they too had no luck with sightings. Surveyor leader Brain Clasper, Moira, Dave and Stuart enjoyed their trip and collected some valuable data whilst on board, as well as spotting a few harbour porpoises, or bruinvis in dutch


I had a lovely sailing with 3 year old Finn, who was on a mini cruise with her grandparents. She joined me all evening, learning about all the differences between sharks and dolphins and doing some arts and crafts.  She also joined me in the morning to watch the DFDS King Seaways sail into the harbour in North 3 (7)IMG_3032

I look forward to returning on board in the build up to the DFDS 20th Anniversary sailing, prior to the Anniversary day sailing.

If you would like more information on ORCA, please visit the website.  You can also become a member or donate to help support our vital research.

See you next time!




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