Posted by: orcaweb | August 7, 2014

ORCA Centre jam packed with activity!

The waters this week have been considerably quieter than last week – with only a couple of porpoise seen until yesterday when we had sightings of two white beaked dolphins and a minke whale outside of Newcastle. As the whale was swimming directly towards us (and so head on, not side on) it was difficult for most people to see it. The sea states have frequently been between 3-5 so spotting cetaceans has proved tricky – but I’m sure they’re still there (just hiding behind the waves!).

Nevertheless, the ORCA centre has been jam packed for another week running, with families crowding in for presentations and children’s activities.

IMG_0678 IMG_0679 

This week I’ve also welcomed on board Sarah, a Conservation Biology student from Glasgow who will be our final Wildlife Guide Trainee for the 2014 season. She’s had a good start to the week so far, with plenty of children to keep entertained every evening!IMG_0684IMG_0683


She’s already working on her own Wine and Whales lecture to deliver in a couple of weeks’ time and is helping me redesign some display panels in the ORCA centre.

Hopefully sightings will pick up again when Anna takes over next week! Fingers crossed for calmer waters…

Best wishes from a choppy North Sea!


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