Posted by: orcaweb | June 5, 2014

Warm welcome from white beaks!

The good weather continues – and so do the sightings! Our new volunteer, Rachel, was welcomed on board this week by white beaked dolphins as soon as we left Newcastle. She’s had a great first few days, seeing both dolphins and porpoise for the first time ever – so now we just need the whales to show up!


Rachel having fun with Jack the parrot at our meet and greet outside of Ijmuiden!


Getting settled into helping run the ORCA centre

Upon leaving Newcastle yesterday we stayed out on deck until 10 o’clock watching the good old porpoise which showed up – and we had the first sighting of a mother and calf pair! They appeared right in front of the ship, the tiny calf staying close to its mother’s side as they gently rolled out of the water and back out of sight. Hopefully we’ll catch the whales and dolphins on our way back into Newcastle tomorrow morning.

Porpoise were regularly spotted on our last sailing from Newcastle

Porpoise were regularly spotted on our last sailing from Newcastle

The atmosphere on the ship has been fantastic this week, with so many passengers elated at the sightings. A little American girl even made me a bracelet to thank me for showing her her first whale, and guests have been eager to join me out on deck – regardless of the weather! (Guests are starting to learn that we can STILL see whales and dolphins even if we have rain. They’re already wet you see, so they don’t mind the rain…)

I’m hoping the evenings of beautiful sunsets, calm waters and great sightings continue outside of Newcastle. Especially as we have the Delta Safari wildlife group coming back at the weekend – this time they are bringing 30 members with them! It will be great to have so many experienced wildlife spotters out on the deck with us to scan the waters and find some more amazing wildlife – watch this space!


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