Posted by: orcaweb | May 7, 2014

The quest for cetaceans continues

This week has been quite unusual – I haven’t had a single sighting of a cetacean. Not even a sniff of a porpoise! There have been a handful of puffins, gannets and guillemots, but other than that the waters are quiet with no signs of baitball feeding yet. The sea hasn’t been particularly rough, but the wind has been strong enough to keep it a constant sea state 2-3 or more, with plenty of white caps for any fins to be hiding behind!

Despite the sea being quiet, the ORCA centre certainly hasn’t been – plenty of passengers have been coming through our doors this week to enjoy presentations, children’s activities, whale and dolphin documentaries and evening lectures.

The link to the DFDS Eurovision video (made as a tribute to the Eurovision, held in Denmark this year) is now live – so you can see me and the King Seaways crew having a boogie on the boat! The porpoise featured in the video has been signing autographs all week – he has told me he is willing to send signed photos of himself to anyone who wishes, in exchange for a £5 donation to ORCA 😉

We have also had Julia, our first volunteer of the season, start her placement with us this week. She will be on board for a month helping to run the ORCA centre and learning to carry out surveys and presentations. So I’ll now hand you over to Anna – I hope you and Julia have a good two weeks – and hopefully the cetaceans will show up sometime soon!




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