Posted by: orcaweb | April 15, 2014

Rocking with Porpoise!

What a great first two weeks back on board! Anna filled you in with our amazing sightings last week…a minke whale, dolphins and porpoise all on the first night? Fantastic!

Sightings this week have been a bit slower (for me at least) but our survey team had a real treat. I had been doing a deck watch in the freezing cold for over an hour (seeing absolutely nothing). Two minutes after I went inside a minke whale BREACHED THREE TIMES at the front of the ship! Three times! I, however, completely unaware, was making a cup of tea (which seemed extremely important at the time). I’m really envious not to have seen it – but what a great sight it was for our survey team and passengers.

Life on board has been as fun as ever – this year the Eurovision will be held in Denmark, and so us crew on board the Danish King Seaways have starred in a video, having a little boogie to Bucks Fizz’s “Making Your Mind Up”, joined by Cheryl Baker (singer from Bucks Fizz, who won the 1981 Eurovision contest). I had fun in the ORCA centre rocking about with a porpoise!

You want me the a guitar?? OK!

You want me to…play the porpoise…like a guitar?? OK!


Rocking the porpoise!

Rocking the porpoise!

Film crew

Film crew


I’ll be sure to post a link to the video once it is finished for you all to enjoy (and laugh at).

What a fun week! And to make the end of my shift even better, as I came into Newcastle this morning on my last crossing a minke whale appeared on the starboard side of the ship and guests and I watched, delighted, as it surfaced four times amongst the high waves.
I’ll now hand you over to Anna! Until next time.


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