Posted by: orcaweb | April 7, 2014

Minke Whale Sets off 2014 Season!

What an amazing first week it has been on board the DFDS King Seaways, sailing back and forth from Newcastle to Amsterdam.  On our first sailing, the sea was beautifully flat and glassy, we couldn’t have wished for a better sea state – the only hindrance was thick fog.  On our second deck watch of the evening (the first was a little too foggy!), we spotted a small group of white beaked dolphins on the horizon!  The next half an hour was non-stop with porpoises, and one dolphin who jumped out very close to the ship, thrilling the passengers!  The next thing I heard was Sara’s very excited voice saying “that’s not a dolphin…..that’s not a dolphin!! It’s a whale!”, as a minke whale surfaced twice on the port side of the ship.  We rushed up to the top deck with passengers in tow to try and catch a glimpse of the whale, but unfortunately it did not surface again.  But what a first trip!  Let’s hope that this is a good omen for lots of amazing sightings over the summer!


We have had mostly good weather for our first week of sightings, and have seen more porpoise and dolphins (including two white-beaked dolphins this morning on my last crossing to Newcastle!).  The ORCA centre is looking great, and has got busier since the week has gone on.  I’ve enjoyed familiarising myself with all of the fantastic children’s activities on board (I especially love the ‘blubber glove’!).

Life on board has been different to any other job I’ve had, but I must say I’ve become quite attached to my little cabin, and I’m enjoying learning about everyone else’s jobs on board.  We’ve even had a river cruise (if you can call it that!) up the Tyne in the lifeboat – quite exciting, though I hope I never have to travel in one again!


I will be away for a week, so Sara can keep her eye out for whales and dolphins!  I’m excited for the Easter holidays on board as this means lots of keen families out on deck to help me spot more whales and dolphins!



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