Posted by: orcaweb | September 6, 2013

A Final Farewell From The Big Three

The last 4 days of my season as a wildlife officer in the North Sea have been memorable.

With still no mammal sightings at the Holland end of the trip it was up to Newcastle to supply me with my cetacean fix…… and it didn’t let me down.

On Tuesday (my final full day around the North East coast of England) I was pleased to see the porpoises were still popping up.
IMG_5691 (2)
And I was stunned to see a pair of White-beaked dolphins!
IMG_5371 (2)

IMG_5355 (2)

IMG_5348 (2)
I thought it was too late in the year to see them in this region but there is obviously some reason for them to stick around.
Maybe there is an abundance of food in the area or maybe they just wanted to see me before I leave the ship.

Later that day on the way out again the porpoises were jumping which gave me hope the fish were plentiful and I might see the dolphin pair again. But it wasn’t to be….
Oh, but a minke whale showed up!
IMG_5671 (2)

IMG_5672 (2)

IMG_5674 (2)

IMG_5676 (2)
Seeing the big three all in the same day was only something that happened a handful of times over the last 6 months, so seeing this in September is awesome.

I didn’t see any cetaceans at the Holland end again but I did see the gannets, they never fail to show,
IMG_5224 (2)
(and I was treated to one last chance to watch the sunset on the North Sea).
Still I was looking forward to my final morning on the ship sailing into Newcastle.

I awoke to a misty North Sea but the porpoises were not hard to spot.
IMG_5785 (2)
And the minke whale was easy.
IMG_5797 (2)

IMG_5798 (2)

IMG_5799 (2)

IMG_5808 (2)
The Gannets seemed to be sending me off with a magnificent diving display.
IMG_5884 (2)

IMG_5885 (2)

IMG_5886 (2)

IMG_5887 (2)

IMG_5888 (2)

IMG_5889 (2)

IMG_5890 (2)
And just when I thought my last morning couldn’t get any better, the white-beaked dolphin pair showed up to see me off (most likely the same pair I saw Tuesday).
IMG_5812 (2)
The big three in one morning! I can’t recall this happening anytime throughout the last 6 months.

With so much going on this morning time flew past and suddenly my wildlife season was over =[

I can’t believe I am leaving the North Sea when the conditions are perfect and the wildlife is as abundant as it was in the peak of summer. I am going to miss waking up to a brisk sea breeze and never knowing what wildlife I might see.
It has been so rewarding showing this wildlife to passengers, people never forget the first whale or dolphin they see and not many people can say they have seen these animals so close to the coasts they call home.

Thanks for reading guys and keep an eye out on the sea.


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