Posted by: orcaweb | August 11, 2013

The quest for the humpback whale

“I can see right up its nose!” I squealed happily
As a minke appeared in front of the ship
I saw its blue-black leathery skin
And even caught a glimpse of its lips

We were an hour away from Newcastle
And hadn’t been outside for long
Before a minke whale, porpoise and birds
Decided to come along

I was relieved the sea was now calm
As it had been rough for the last two days
And despite standing on the deck for hours
I hadn’t seen anything but waves.

I had no sightings outside of Ijmuiden
Despite searching the best I could
I’ve been hoping for porpoise everyday
But just saw a football and bits of wood.

Life on board the ship is great (as always)
Apart from when I ate a fish head and tail
(It was a dare from some of the crew)
And I can still taste the scales!

The highlight this week for me
Started with an exciting call
A breaching humpback whale had been spotted
My most favourite whale of them all!

It was seen outside of Newcastle
Breaching and splashing about
While I was docked in bloomin’ North Shields!
I was SO eager to get out.

When we eventually sailed into open water
And I had crowds of guests watching with me
We scanned the choppy waves and horizon
But a humpback whale we could not see.

Each morning and evening I’m still watching closely
Surveying every wave as we sail
And I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed
That I’ll see that humpback whale!

More updates next week,
From Sara


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