Posted by: orcaweb | August 6, 2013

Unidentified cetaceans and brave birds

So this was the first week on the ship that I have not spotted a whale since we started seeing them a couple of months ago.

However I still managed to spot some cetaceans despite the choppy sea surface for most of the week.

I have been unable to identify these cetaceans I spotted early on in the week at the Newcastle end.

IMG_4277 (2)

IMG_4274 (2)

I think the top photo may be of a Porpoise as it is quite dark in colour, although it is making a large splash so may in fact be a dolphin. The second photo may be a pair of Bottlenose dolphins as they appear to be uniform grey in colour and have a large falcate fin.

The ORCA survey team were also on board this week and have identified Bottlenose dolphins leaving Newcastle! They also reported seeing a Bottlenose dolphin jumping over a Minke whale! The survey team spotted no fewer than 5 Minke whales, a pod of Bottlenose dolphins and a pod of White beaked dolphins on Sunday (4th August) evening leaving Newcastle.

I managed to get a photo of one of my favourite North Sea birds, the Razorbill.

IMG_4391 (2)

I really like this photo of what appears to be 3 Razorbills pursuing a Guillemot.

IMG_4249 (2)

The choppy seas let up on my last evening leaving Holland this week and the porpoises showed up right on time, 8 o’clock exactly (After telling passengers the best time to spot them is between 8-9pm).

IMG_4355 (2)

IMG_4356 (2)

IMG_4370 (2)

IMG_4347 (2)

IMG_4348 (2)

IMG_4349 (2)

I also really like this photo of a Fulmar against a smooth orange sea surface.

IMG_3871 (2)

There were a few brave Curlews flying past the ship sometimes over 60km from the coast.

IMG_4287 (2)

And finally this unusual sighting of a Collared dove braving the open North Sea.

IMG_4267 (2)

Thanks for reading guys.

I hand you over to Sara now for the next 3 weeks, I hope the whales come back for her.




  1. Both the ‘unidentified cetaceans’ photos are Harbour Porpoise. Being atypically showy of course!

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