Posted by: orcaweb | July 29, 2013

Return of the Puffin

This week started with whales. I spotted a Minke whale 2 nights in a row and my first one at the Holland end of the trip.

Unfortunately these were the only ones I saw all week.
On the evenings leaving Ijmuiden the sea state has been perfect for spotting marine mammals. Passengers have been coming to the observation deck to watch the sunset but have been leaving with photographs of breaching porpoises instead.
IMG_3697 (2)

IMG_3795 (2)

IMG_3796 (2)

IMG_3841 (2)

IMG_3851 (2)

IMG_3852 (2)
One passenger was referring to scenes from ‘Life of Pi’ comparing the North sea to the Pacific ocean as the sun set on our evening of watching the small cetaceans.
IMG_3876 (2)

I also spotted the White-beaked dolphins for only the second time in 2 weeks, this time on Thursday morning on the way into Newcastle.

And after seeing only 1 puffin last week Saturday morning on the way into Newcastle every other bird I spotted swimming on the waters surface was one of the bright beaked birds.
IMG_3929 (2)

IMG_3953 (2)

IMG_3923 (2)
Recent news from the Farne islands survey has revealed their breeding population has increased by 8% from the last survey 3 years ago.

The last couple of days the Big Watch Weekend has been taking place as part of national whale and dolphin watching week. Unfortunately the weather conditions have not been great and spotting marine life has been difficult. More porpoises were spotted along with a grey seal on Saturday morning on the way into Newcastle harbour.
IMG_3963 (2)
IMG_3974 (2)
IMG_3975 (2)
The ship went out for a day sailing Saturday to watch the Sunderland air show from the sea. Between watching for marine life I glanced up to watch some air acrobatics.
IMG_4190 (2)

IMG_4137 (2)

IMG_4037 (2)
Between the noise from the planes over head and the amount of boat activity no marine mammals showed up.

So no humpbacks whales this week, but who knows whats waiting for me over the next 8 days.
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