Posted by: orcaweb | July 1, 2013

Baby birds, dolphins and a shark!?


This week was again filled with some amazing encounters with some of the North Sea’s cetaceans but I feel the birds have stolen the show.

The White-beaked dolphins were still wowing the crowds whenever they showed up.

Some times close.

They seemed to put on the best shows a bit further away.
Fully breaching!
And spinning mid breach to crash back to the sea on their back, showing off their white bellies.

Thursday evening leaving Newcastle the sea was calm and me and of the passengers spotted what appeared to be a shark!
You can clearly see the dorsal fin and tail fin breaking through the surface.

One evening leaving Holland we passed through the largest flock of Great black-backed gulls I have ever seen.
One of whom was snacking on the move.

On the way into Ijmuiden harbour we pass a small island where the gulls are nesting. Can you spot the chicks?

The Herring gulls that we have nesting on top of the gangway in Holland are growing very quickly. But they still resemble balls of fluff, compared to the parents.

We passed a Guillemot father taking his chick out for a fishing lesson on the way out of Newcastle.

I saw my first Oyster catcher this week.

As I got off the ship from being onboard for 2 weeks I took a short walk to the marina in North Shields and visited the Common tern nesting site. I got pretty close, which prompted the adults to squark at me whilst swooping just above my head.

This is my favorite photo of the week.
The adult Tern bringing some sandeels for its chicks to fight over.

Thanks for reading guys.

Now I hand you over to Sara for 2 weeks.


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