Posted by: orcaweb | June 24, 2013

White-beaked dolphins and a super moon

The first half of the week the conditions were perfect for spotting marine mammals, flat calm water and next to no wind (Whale watching heaven) I even managed to conduct a whole deck without having to put on my wind proof gear!

Me and the passengers have been pleased to see that the dolphins are still around from last week. In fact every morning on the way into Newcastle and in the evenings on the way out, we have been lucky enough to see these amazing creatures.
Setting out on the first evening from Newcastle we were greeted by multiple pods of white-beaked dolphins and a couple of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

Here are the white-beaked dolphins.


The passengers were surprised when we were spotting the dolphins close to the coast.

From looking at drawings of white beaked dolphins, their markings look black and grey. But when seeing these animals up close you can see they are closer to black and white. Their markings remind me of a ying yang.

I have been spotting the minke whales on the evenings when leaving Newcastle, they seem to show up around 10pm.

The seals have been out, chomping on fish at the surface. Just like this female Grey seal.
The seabirds are never to far away hoping to steal the fish from the seals mouth (I have seen it happen to one seal this week).

The sky has been cloudy for the last couple of nights which has meant some wet deck watches, these conditions also made it difficult to spot the super moon (the closest the moon is to the earth all year).

Thanks for reading guys.

Come back next week, when hopefully these amazing encounters will continue.


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