Posted by: orcaweb | May 28, 2013

A clever Gannet and a hitchhiker

The weather this week hasn’t been great for spotting cetaceans and I have only spotted a couple of harbour porpoises.
However the weather hasn’t kept the birds away.
We have passed through some heavily littered parts of the North Sea.
However this clever gannet has decided to take advantage of the litter and was using this wooden crate to keep himself out of the cold water.
It has been great to watch the elegant Arctic Terns this week. They can completely change their direction of flight in a split second.
One day on our way into Ijmuiden the ship picked up a hitchhiker.
The juvenile gull seemed to be exhausted, as when he tried to take off he would land back on the ship in a heap.
However we were on our way into the harbour that morning so he could have a long rest on land.

Towards the end of the week when winds began to calm down I spotted a pair of puffins.
Up until this point I wasn’t sure if they had all moved out of the area to build their tiny burrow nests. However me and the passengers are pleased they are still around.
As the last day of the week comes to an end the weather conditions are looking better, with the water’s surface being flat calm as we left Newcastle. This is when I spotted only my second porpoise of the week and I had reports of passengers spotting cetaceans through the ships windows.

Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come.
Thanks for reading guys.

Come back next week.


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