Posted by: orcaweb | April 11, 2012

The Harbour Porpoise and the High Seas

Hello Everyone,

Well after a very exciting first week on board I was expecting my luck to run out in my second week but the next few days were to prove me distinctly wrong. Over the weekend our viewing condition continued to be excellent and we were regularly spotting 2-4 Harbour Porpoises on each deck watch right up until Monday.

Unfortunately our good luck never lasts forever and on Tuesday everything changed. I was suspicious that we may not have the smoothest of crossings after spying that there were small wind whipped waves travelling up the sheltered waters around the Port of Tyne. With predicted winds getting up to gale force 8-9, spotting anything seemed a distinctly remote possibility.

Our return crossing proved to be much more promising with much smaller waves and these calmer conditions continued through much of the remaining week. Unfortunately Tuesday’s stormy seas seemed to have broken our spell of good luck and sightings for the rest of the week remained low with just the regular selection of guls, guillemots and gannets and a singular Harbour Porpoise popping up early on Friday morning

Now I come to my last voyage of my first shift on board the King Seaways before handing over to Mike and what a time of mixed adventures I have had. With Porpoises and Puffins playing the main characters and scenery ranging from great rolling waves to mirror calm sunsets, hopefully Mike will have just as much fun next week.

Nathan Brown

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