Posted by: orcaweb | September 4, 2011

Plenty of porpoises…

After being told by Richard that he had had hardly any sightings during the last two weeks of August, I was not expecting to see much on my last shift on the King Seaways. I could not have been more wrong! It has been the best 5 days on the ship I have had! I must have seen close to 70 Harbour Porpoises over those 5 days, which is absolutely fantastic! Just last night I saw at least 21, this morning I saw 8, and this evening I saw 25. This is probably due to the beautifully calm weather we have had over the last few days, which has made for excellent sighting conditions. I am hoping that the sea state will remain as calm for at least another few days, and also hoping that we might spot a few Minke whales as well! Passengers have been so excited to see the porpoises, which has been lovely. It’s really nice to be able to show people on the ship that there really is amazing wildlife in the North Sea!

Isabelle Sikora

ORCA Wildlife Officer, DFDS King Seaways



  1. Hi Isabelle,

    We met on the trip with DFDS King Seaways to Newcastle and back to IJmuiden, yesterday.
    I have found ORCA’s site and appreciate all the efforts you guys are
    doing, informing the public aboard of every crossing, and observing the sea looking for porpoises and -you never know- whales…
    Amazing! I’ll probably become member of your organisation, and who knows will find myself on the observation deck one day as a volunteer !
    Carry on the good work!
    Kindest regards,

    Monique Kokken

    • It was very nice to meet you Monique, maybe I will see you again on an ORCA survey one day if you decide to become a volunteer! Always nice to meet people who are interested in helping to protect marine wildlife.

      Isabelle 🙂

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