Posted by: orcaweb | June 7, 2011

Best deck watch so far!

Last Thursday night was the best deck watch we have had so far this season on DFDS King Seaways. The water was beautifully calm, and there was a beautiful sunset to add to it. I had been joined on deck by an enthusiastic ecology student, who was first to spot the dolphins. Our first sighting was of 2, or possibly 3 white-beaked dolphins, a few hundred metres away from the ship. About half an hour later we spotted another group of dolphins, this time at least six of them! They put on a good show for the passengers, jumping right out of the water. Then we spotted some harbour porpoises just as the sun was setting.

I am hoping for more calm seas over the next week so that hopefully we will see more of the white-beaks. It is possible that they have a nursery area off the Northumberland coast, where they come to give birth and raise their calves in early summer time. If this is the case then hopefully they will become a regular feature in our deck watches over the coming months!

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Isabelle Sikora

ORCA Wildlife Education Officer

DFDS King Seaways


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