Posted by: orcaweb | May 16, 2011

White beaked dolphins! (probably…)

I had a good start to my second shift on the King Seaways. Two harbour porpoises on my first morning deck watch, about an hour and a half from the Dutch coast. However after this I had no sightings for the next few days, apart from the odd gannet and the usual auks and gulls. There were also two ORCA volunteer surveyors on the ship for two days, conducting a survey from the bridge of the ship. They came to see me at the end of their first survey and asked if I had seen the dolphins! It turned out that they had spotted four dolphins, most likely white beaked, about three minutes after I had finished my deck watch that evening. They spotted them in an area of water off Scarborough Head on the UK coastline. There is always a lot of seabirds and fishing vessels in this area, so I will definitely be keeping an eye out as we sail through here in the future. The rest of the week has been rather uneventful, with my only other cetacean sighting being a single harbour porpoise this morning, again near the Dutch coast. I have however been trying my hand at bird photography when there have been no cetaceans around, it is harder than you would think! I leave the ship again tomorrow, hopefully Richard will have more sightings over the next few weeks.

Isabelle Sikora

Wildlife Education Officer


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