Posted by: orcaweb | August 13, 2010

New activities in the centre!!

Right I have been back on board for almost a week now and have been very busy by creating many new activities for children and adults to get take part in. The first activity is very simple, by placing empty shark and rays egg cases in water; they expand and look how they would have looked like with an embryo inside. So the passengers can see what these egg cases for they are, it defiantly looks much more interesting and has created much more attention!!

We have an Echolocation game, where one child is a dolphin, another child is a fish and the rest are noise, such as ship, boat, sonar, explosions etc, and the dolphin has to shout out fish, and the fish has to respond but the question is can the dolphin hear the fish due to all the background noise as the other children will be shouting ship, explosion, sonar etc… This shows children that dolphins and whales depend on sound to communicate and to find prey, so with all of the noise in our oceans; it is making it more difficult for them to survive.

As we have a marine food web on display, I have been taking it down for children to create their own food web of who they think eats who. Also I have been removing top predators or fish to see how that alters the food web, this is a fantastic way of showing that the food web keeps the species in the ocean at balance and that humans should not alter that balance, as it is going to have negative impacts on the ocean and maybe even on our planet as the ocean does cover 70% of the Earth’s surface so therefore plays a vital role with the planet.

Arts and crafts, we have been making animals out of recycled material such as plastic bottles, loo rolls, Pringles tins, and so on, this is really fun for the children and it’s great when they leave their work in the centre for display. On display we have a minke whale, a giant squid, a basking shark, a great skua and an albatross. So it’s really great that children have different imaginations, and it’s a shocker that no one has made a dolphin yet??

Hats!! Yes we have been making hats, so far we have made shark hats, whale hats and more specifically basking shark hats and orca hats, so this is really great as the children will make their hats and wear them around the ship. I have made the stencils for them and they just choose the colour and draw around the stencil and cut it out. So easy!

Stephanie Barnicoat

Wildlie Officer



  1. Our kids had a great time learning about the wildlife and then looking for it and then spending time in the activity centre last weekend on the ferry back from Amsterdam to Newcastle.

    My little girl enjoyed making a shark out of toilet roll tubes and my little boy enjoyed the whale or fish game. Well done to the wildlife officer on board!

    I can recommend this to any others on the DFS cruises.

    • Thank you very much I am glad that your children enjoyed the activities in the centre, it is our pleasure as always and we like to create new activities so its not always the same. Wehave a had a great response with childrens interest this year, it is really good to see that young individuals care and have an interest in marine wildlife.

      I am very gla you all enjoyed yoursef, many thanks, Steph Orca wildlife officer

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