Posted by: orcaweb | May 6, 2010

Turtle Hatchling game

All marine turtles are endangered. Female turtles will go to the beach and lay her eggs. However a lot of these beaches are very popular with tourism which makes it very difficult for the turtle to find a nesting spot. Some may get stuck and can lead to death. When the hatchling emerge from the nest which can be up to 45 to 120 days later depending on the species, they may not make it to sea due to natural predation, street lights can cause a distraction, objects such as deck chairs can prevent them from moving forward etc. Another major issue is pouching of the eggs and of the adults. So humans cause many threats for turtles, and this may lead them to dying out right under our noses.

So I wanted to do something fun, creative and educating for children so I advertised the turtle hatchling game. The turtle hatchling game is where children will cut out a turtle and decorate it. Once it is completed the children then raced their turtles by flapping it with laminated paper or a book. The game is over as soon as the first turtle crosses the finishing line as when this happens I would tell the children that only 1 in 3000 hatchlings make it to the sea due to predators and human related threats such as tourism, litter etc.

The children really enjoyed playing this game, even a couple of adults joined in which was nice. The main  objective of this activity was to let people know that turtles face so many threats made from humans, so everyone who participated in this game all learnt that, which can always make a difference for the turtles.



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