Posted by: orcaweb | August 28, 2009

The BFP hits its first century!

Beth – M.s. King of Scandinavia

Info on the BFP in the ORCA Centre

Info on the BFP in the ORCA Centre

What’s the BFP I hear you ask?  BFP is the acronym for our 2009 ORCA initiative the ‘Big Fish Project’ and as of yesterday we have 100 signatures on our BFP pledge sheet.  This means that 100 people so far have pledged to play their part and help protect the species living in our oceans by thinking about sustainability when buying fish products.  One hundred extra people will be looking for the label that indicates the product is from a sustainable source and caught in an ‘eco-friendly’ way before putting a fish or seafood choice into their shopping basket.  How great is that!

Overfishing is a major conservation problem in the North Sea, and has contributed to the decline of a number of whale and dolphin species. ORCA recognise that, as consumers, people have enormous influence over the species of fish caught and the fishing methods employed in the North Sea.  The BFP is all about consumer buyer power and just because you may not have travelled on m.s. King of Scandinavia this summer to see and hear about our project in person does not mean that you can’t take part.  If you too are going to pledge to only buy fish from sustainable sources then I want to hear about it.  Just like one of the main underlying ethoses of ORCA, collaboration and working together can and does make a huge difference.

One of the more stringent 'eco-labels'

One of the more stringent 'eco-labels'

For more information on sustainable fisheries see

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