Posted by: orcaweb | August 27, 2009

Let’s leave the nest and discover a new world. King of Scandinavia

A fantastic picture of a Gannet

A fantastic picture of a Gannet

Check out the head and eye colour.

Check out the head and eye colour.

Spot the guilliesI love this time of year as lots of things are happening in the bird world; mating is over the chicks are big enough to leave the nest after months of depending on mum and dad to bring them food.

When I’m out on deck I can constantly hear a low gargling or growling sound coming from the water, most passengers ask me what it is and I point out to them that it is Guillemots and their babies. It’s usually the male which stays with the youngster until it is capable of catching fish and flying by its self where it then heads out over winter until early spring when it returns to the coast for the breeding season.

It’s not only young Guillemots that you can see it’s also Young gannets as well, we have been having fantastic views at the moment right in front of the Ship on the Observation deck where you will usually have a close encounter with a Gannet.

Last night on the 13th August there was a large group of us out on deck admiring the views one of the passengers had a better camera that me so the pictures you can see are curtsey of him so a big thanks.


Wildlife officer


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