Posted by: orcaweb | July 18, 2009

The Adventure starts!

Group of young Gulls heading out on their own

Group of young Gulls heading out on their own

Over the past few months Beth and I have been watching the Gulls that  
chose the island just outside the Port at IJmuiden as a breeding  
ground for their young.

We have seen them nesting and then in mid June we spotted the first  
lot of chicks hatch and start to gradually explore the island never  
going too far from their parent, as the season went on more and more  
chicks hatched and with this came the noise of the young chirping at  
their mums and dads to feed them, I even saw one getting fed – it is  
always an interesting sight!

As we are now heading on to half way through July and the young gulls  
have been on a high protein diet of fresh fish, they are big now and  
starting to stretch their wings ready to take flight and head out on  
their own.

Some of them have already done this and headed down to the lower areas  
of the island ready to make their own journey without their parents.

Young gulls tend to ‘hangout’ in groups until they reach maturity.

Wildlife officer

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