Posted by: orcaweb | May 29, 2009

Just the right conditions. 21st May

Perfect water on the approach to Newcastle

Perfect water on the approach to Newcastle

It’s so nice to get out on deck to find a beautiful clear morning with perfect glass-like water, just the right conditions for Cetacean spotting.

When I’m on deck I have to wear a high visibility jacket so the passengers know that I work on the ship.

This is also good as it gets conversations going, passengers tend to look at me standing out there, so I say hello and then they ask me what I’m doing. This was the case this morning when there were lots of passengers standing on the observation deck.

I had already seen a group of 4 Harbour Porpoises ( at around 7.30am, and when the passengers were talking to me I spotted another group of 3 and then 2 separate sightings of individual Porpoises.

This was great as most of the passengers would have missed them if I hadn’t pointed them out, most of them said ‘I didn’t realise animals like that were out there, I’ve never looked before’.

Come and find me on the King of Scandinavia’s observation deck and find out what wildlife is really out there. There may be things you didn’t even think were out there.


Wildlife Officer


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