Posted by: orcaweb | May 29, 2009

Four legged friend!

Group visit to the bridge on the Dana Sirena
Group visit to the bridge on the Dana Sirena

Kids making friends with a 4 legged inhabitant on the island of Fano in Denmark

On the evening sailing out of Harwich on the 27th May I saw one Harbour Porpoise (opposite Sizewell) unfortunately there was no one with me at the time. I also saw Gannet, Fulmar and Kittiwake. The following day after the statutory morning presentation to the passengers and bridge visit on board the Dana Sirena a group of 11 of us (wildlife mini-cruisers) visited the island of Fano. This delightful place really grows on you. There were three kids in our group and we had a long circular walk before finishing off in the village of Nordby for a welcome coffee. The kids really loved the freedom and running around under our watchful eye. There is nothing more pleasurable than the sound of children having fun. During the walk we passed the farm where we saw an old friend, a little Shetland pony, the kids loved petting it. On the way to and from Fano we enjoyed watching the terns following in the wake of the ferry dip feeding and grabbing little fish displaced by the action of the propellers. We all had a thoroughly enjoyable day. Later that evening one of the wildlife mini-cruises was looking out of his cabin window with his mother and thought that he may have seen a large animal surfacing leaving behind a distinctive ‘flukeprint’ (an area of calm water left on the surface by a submerging whale) from the description he gave me I think it could possibly have been a Minke Whale but we cant be sure. the following day I held a children’s activity session in the Columbus lounge and some children made some sea-life mobiles to take home with them. Some children did some colouring of sea animals and others did jigsaw puzzles and read some of the selection of books on ocean life which I had brought to the session. Everyone went away happy. The reward for my efforts with my latest group of wildlife mini-cruisers was a lovely box of Danish chocolates. Just one of the perks of being a wildlife officer aboard the Dana Serina! They were delicious. Thank you to the family who gave them to me. You know who you are!

Elfyn Pugh

WO on the Dana Sirena


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