Posted by: orcaweb | May 28, 2009

Glass like water perfect Cetacean spotting conditions.9th -11th April

I got up as usual for the arrival at Newcastle, getting on deck for 6.45 am feeling hopeful this morning that I was going to get sightings of some Cetaceans (general term for Whales Dolphins and Porpoises) as it was the perfect conditions for spotting them the water was perfectly calm, I had arranged to meet a mother and her son on deck and we would conduct a deck watch together.

sunsetThey hired a pair of binoculars so it was easier for them to spot the wildlife, they had been out with me for a nearly an hour when his mum went inside and as soon as she left we spotted a pod of around 9 Harbour Porpoises swimming along side the front of the boat on the starboard side (right) there was a few other people out there enjoying the view and I pointed them out to everyone. It made my trip finally spotting the Porpoises. Next the Minke Whale….



Wildlife Officer King of Scandinavia

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